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Let’s face it, traditional deliveries can be a hassle.tion of:

Hidden fees and surprise costs

Delivery fees often seem to creep up at checkout, leaving you feeling nickel-and-dimed.

Limited delivery windows

Rigid scheduling can disrupt your day, forcing you to wait around for that essential package.

Radio silence on delivery status

Ever feel glued to your phone, anxiously refreshing the tracking page with no updates?

If you’re nodding along…

it’s time to ditch the delivery drama and embrace a simpler solution. Introducing e-Van, the app that puts you in control of your deliveries, offering convenience, transparency, and affordability.

We’ve Got Deliveries Covered

Negotiate the Best Price

 With e-Van, you can ditch the one-size-fits-all delivery fees. Our app connects you directly with local van drivers, allowing you to negotiate the price that works for you. No more hidden costs, just upfront pricing that puts you in control of your budget.

Real-Time Tracking, Real Peace of Mind

Stop wondering “where’s my delivery?” e-Van’s live tracking feature allows you to see your driver’s location and estimated arrival time in real-time. This transparency eliminates the anxiety of waiting and lets you plan your day accordingly.

Deliveries Big or Small, We Handle it All

Whether you need livestock delivered, furniture transported, or building supplies brought to your doorstep, e-Van has the right vehicle for the job. Our diverse fleet of bakkies can accommodate a wide range of delivery needs, ensuring your items arrive safely and securely.

The Future of Deliveries is Here

Stop settling for the frustrations of traditional delivery services. Download the e-Van app today and experience a world of convenience, control, and affordability. With e-Van, getting what you need, when you need it, is just a tap away.

Ready to for a direct delivery service?

Download the e-Van app now and see for yourself how easy getting things delivered can be!

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