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e-Van Delivery Services

Get your delivery via e-Van, our Drivers are here to help you!

Or become an e-Van Owner for only R100 per month. No hidden costs or agenda.

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Our APP is FREE to Download

Drivers pay a monthly fee to be on the app, but free for you. Get your delivery via e-Van.

Pay Driver Directly

What do you need delivered? Building materials, livestock, furniture or other?Now negotiate a fair rate directly with your driver.

Rate Your Driver

Our drivers are here to help you. Leaving a rating on their profile ensures a quality standard is upheld.  



e-Van is an easy-to-use personal delivery app created to facilitate connection between local delivery vehicles, and those who need them.

Sign yourself up as an Owner or Driver to join our delivery team, or as a User to access our Drivers.

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The idea is for a van, bakkie or truck owner to monitize their vehicle via our APP connections. Whether you own a vehicle yourself or you would like to allocate someone to use your vehicle, this is a safe, monitored and interactive experience. Grow your client base by receiving positive ratings on your profile- so put your best foot forward and deliver with a smile.

The foundation of what we are trying to do is create an environment that facilitates an opportunity to create a sustainable avenue of revenue for the sector that needs it most.


Home Delivery

Welcome e-Van HIRER

Stay at home,

we deliver

Do you need something delivered or fetched and dropped? Sign-Up to our FREE APP to hire a Driver in your area. Negotiate a reasonable rate with your Driver directly, track your goods on the APP and leave a rating.

Connect. Direct. Relax.

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Download our App and sign-up as a Hirer. Request a Driver in your area, fill in your specifications to negotiate the rate with your Driver. Once both parties have accepted and the delivery is approved you are able to track the process through our App.

Welcome e-Van Owner

Monetize your vehicle

e-Van creates a channel of income for your van, bakkie or truck. For everyone’s safety the Owner will add his vehicles and assign Drivers.

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Download our App and sign-up as an Owner. Tailor your account with you name, vehicle type and location. As a business owner you can have multiple vehicles on your account you can assign Drivers to. 

Home Delivery

Welcome e-Van Driver

Create your own business

Encourage your clients to follow you on the APP, Refer you to others and leave you a Rating. Put your best foot forward and deliver with a smile. 

Connect. Collect. Deliver. 

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Download our App, sign-up as a Driver and get connected to an Owner who will assign you to a vehicle. Hirers can now book you for collections and deliveries. You have the option to accept or decline delivery requests from Hirers. You negotiate a fair rate directly with the Hirer based on the job requirements, e-Van does not take any commission of your transactions. Welcome to the e-Van Team! 

Rate your Driver

We believe hard work is rewarded! Help your Driver get more clients by leaving a simple review or rating. Drivers with repeat poor ratings may have their account terminated.

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